Melanie Liebetrau

Actor and Stage Combatant

Introducing: Melanie Liebetrau

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I'm originally from a small suburb outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have now planted my roots deeply into New York City. 

Growing up, I was immersed in the arts through many activities, including ballet, gymnastics, theater camps and more. Where I really started to find my confidence was in martial arts. I earned my first degree black belt at the age of 13 and my second degree black belt two years later. My confidence and ability take leadership roles is largely attributed to this training I had as a young woman. As an artist, I have found a fusion of my love for the theater and affinity for martial arts.

I have dedicated hundreds of hours of training in stage combat and choreography and am now assistant teaching stage combat at the Stella Adler studio, where I have proudly graduated from the rigorous three-year professional conservatory. I am exceptionally passionate about strong female characters (especially Wonder Woman) that fight for what they believe in. This is where you will find me shine my brightest and work my hardest; telling these stories through my voice and body is what I live for.

Overall, I see myself as a kind-hearted, determined and exceptionally talented young woman, with a passion for story-telling and a love for life.